Our services are comprehensive and our fees are simple.

Please take note that the fees listed are all you are charged as a client.

There are no hidden or “nickel and dime” fees (leasing, cancellation, maintenance add-ons, etc.). We are confident that you will not find a better value for these
important services with these low fees anywhere.

 Monthly Fee ..................................... 8 % of rents (only when rented)

As a client, the services that you will receive will include:

Advertising of property
- As a licensed real estate agent, we are able to list the property in the Multiple Listing Service, on dozens of websites, and any other avenues in order to attract and retain tenants.

Qualifying the prospective tenant - Through the application and interview process, and a thorough background check of those that apply, we only accept the most qualified tenants.

Completion of a detailed lease - Spelling out all the conditions of the rental agreement, and any other  rules and regulations. The owner will receive a copy of the signed lease as well.

Inspection of the property - At move-in (and move-out) with the tenant, using a thorough walk-thru check list. 

Conduit for any communication between the owner and tenant -  Freeing you from any face-to-face contact. 

Monthly walk-around inspections of property  - (where applicable), with any observations passed on to the property owner. 

Maintenance issues attended to immediately - Either in-house, or with an outside contractor, at their cost only – no added fees. 

Detailed statement available anytime  - Online Owner's Portal
Owners have personal online accounts where they can get detailed property information

  • View your property’s income and expense transactions 24/7
  • See copies of receipts and statements for any expenses charged.
  • View current leases of your rentals

In the event of non-payment by the tenant, due notice will be given, up to and including eviction procedures, if necessary.

These listed services, free the owner from managing their property and the tenants by themselves, allowing the income and growth potential of your property, without the inconveniences.

 We will give you the individualized, honest attention your home deserves.

    Call  Craig Humphrey  at (858 829-2675


Click here to download a management contract


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